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Choosing a Talent Agent to represent you is one of the most important and difficult tasks you will encounter as a Performer.  Talent Agents negotiate your above-minimum rates and working conditions for all the productions for which you will be hired.  Your relationship with your Agent is crucial.  Choose wisely and always do your own personal research into any agency you are considering for representation.

If a Talent Agency charges a “sign-up” or “administration fee”, they are already making money without having to actually find work for performers.  Talent Agents should make their money by charging only the industry standard commission rate, 15% plus GST, on work they procure for you in the film and television industry.  Also, an Agent should help you with your resume and give you pointers on headshots; you should not be required to use a particular photographer/ make up artist, etc.  If they force services on you, the Agent is likely making more money off of an unsuspecting performer.  If an agency guarantees you work, or tells you that they are working with a particular production, these are likely false claims.



Points to Consider When Choosing an Agent

  • Does the Agency currently represent ACTRA Full Members, Apprentice Members and ACTRA Extras?
  • Is the Agent familiar with all the Collective Agreements negotiated and administered by ACTRA?
  • Are they registered with a breakdown service (i.e. Casting Workbook, Breakdown Services)?
  • Does the Agency use pressure tactics, discounts, and promises or guarantees of work and money?
  • Does the Agency charge you for services performed on your behalf? If yes, what are the services and how much do they charge? Are the fees reasonable for the services they claim to provide to you?
  • Does the agency require you to take classes and workshops from them? Agencies may offer classes and workshops, but you should not be required to take them as a condition of your representation.
  • Does the Agency require you to use an in-house or specified photographer? (They may recommend photographers, but they should not require you to use a specific photographer.)
  • Does the Agency ask you to sign a contract without giving you time to think about your decision or without suggesting you check it with a lawyer?
  • Are you comfortable with the cancellation terms in the Agency contract?
  • Who receives residual payments on your behalf after you terminate your relationship with your current Agent?  Remember to speak with other Performers about their own personal representation and experiences. This may also assist you in making your choice for the right Agent for you.
  • Talent Agencies are businesses.  Contact the Better Business Bureau of Southern Alberta to see if a complaint has been lodged against the Agency you are investigating.  

Below, you will find a list of Talent Agencies that operate in Calgary and Edmonton- THEY ARE NOT FRANCHISED AGENTS.  ACTRA does not endorse, promote or recommend Talent Agencies.  This listing is simply a courtesy.  Before settling on one agency, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Meet with different agencies until you find the one that will represent you to the extent you desire.  

ACTRA is not responsible for the business practices of any of these agencies and does not have any recourse against an agency should you feel you have been scammed. 

ACTRA reserves the right to add or remove agencies from this listing at its sole discretion.


A & G Talent (Principal and Background)
2820-46 Street SE
Calgary, AB   T2B 2N8 
Contact: Gena Watkins
Phone: (403) 470-6839
Website: www.agtalent.net

Callback Artist & Management Inc. (Comedic Talent)
422-11 Street NE 
Calgary, AB   T2E 4N6
Contact: Nancy Beaven
Office: (403) 532-7601 
Fax: (403) 532-7607
Cell: (403) 860-5922

Christi Talent Management Group Inc. (Principal and Background)
205, 227 - 10 Street NW
Calgary, AB   T2N 1V5 
Contact: Christi Mason
Phone: (403) 521-0077

Cinematic Artists (Principal and Background)
P.O. Box 130
Barons, AB   T0L 0G0 
Contact: Sharon Broccoli
Phone: (403) 757-0071
Fax: (403) 757-0076

Dagaz Talent (Principal)
#008, 2451 Dieppe Avenue SW (building B1)
Calgary, AB   T3E 7K1
Contact: Roxanne Ellison
Phone: (403) 230-3220
Website: www.dagaztalent.com

Dean Stewart Talent Management (Principal)
Contact: Dean Stewart
Phone: (403) 230-8831

Details Model & Talent (Model, Principal and Background)
Box 40, Site 16, RR #8
Calgary, AB   T2J 2T9 
Contact: Tammy Foster
Phone: (403) 931-0003

Empire Talent House (Principal)
Contact: Glenda Philipchuk
Phone: (403) 301-0085

IModel Management Inc. (Model (emphasis), Principal and Background)
304, 822-11 Avenue SW 
Calgary, AB   T2R 0E5
Contact: Len Mastaler
Phone: (403) 697-8554
Website: www.imodelmanagement.ca

JaxWax Entertainment (Principal and Background - emphasis on culturally diverse talent)
Contact: Jacquelyn Marx
Phone: (403) 808-5972
Website: www.jaxwaxent.com

KELS Talent (Principal and Background)
3236 Oakwood Drive SW 
Calgary, AB   T2V 0J9
Contact: Karen Snyder
Phone: (403) 454-7111
Website: www.kelstalent.ca

Kontakt West (Model, Principal and Background)
Bldg. 8, Unit 37, 2526 Battleford Avenue SW 
Calgary, AB   T3E 7J4
Contact: Mireille Harris
Phone: (403) 240-7447

M&M Talent (Principal, Background, First Nations)
Contact: Melanie Wall
Phone: (403) 803-0433
Website: www.mmtalent.com

MAG Models (Model, Principal and Background)
Contact: Micheline Rae
Phone: (403) 541-0189 

Mode Models (Model, Principal and Background)
1322-15 Avenue SW 
Calgary, AB   T3C 0X7
Contact: Bill Giofu
Phone: (403) 228-4948
Website: www.modemodels.com/calgary

Numa Models (Model, Principal and Background)
200, 638 - 11 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB   T2R 0E2
Contact: Maxwell Bracey
Phone: (403) 410-3881
Website: www.numamodels.com

Patti Falconer Talent (Model, Principal and Background)
2523-17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB   T2E 0A2 
Contact: Patti Falconer
Phone: (403) 249-8222

Royal Talent (Principal and Background)
Box 4, 327-16061 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, AB   T2Y 3S5
Phone: (403) 225-2109
Website: www.royaltalent.ca

SilverScreen Inc. (Principal and Background)
164, 200 Barclay Parade
Calgary, AB   T2P 4R5
Contact: Shauna Forman
Phone: (403) 228-2988
Website: www.silverscreeninc.com

Talent Incorporated (Principal and Background) 
Contact: Paul Ritchie
Phone: (403) 948-7460
Website: www.talentinc.ca


Circle Talent (Principal and Background)
Contact: Bea Janisch
Phone: (780) 458-2676

Darryl Mork Talent Management (Principal and Background)
P.O. Box 52120
Edmonton, AB   T6G 2T5 
Contact: Darryl Mork
Phone: (780) 455-4215

Ebbels Talent Alberta (Principal and Background)
Contact: Elizabeth Ebbels
Phone: (780) 988-9342

Great West Canadian Talent (Principal and Background)
Contact: Bill Davidson
Phone: (780) 944-1591

Serendipity Talent Management (Principal and Background)
Contact: Sherry Packolyk
Phone: (780) 902-8623


These Casting Directors operate in CALGARY and EDMONTON. You can cross reference this listing with the In Production list to discover which casting directors are currently casting for shows in Alberta.  Casting Directors do not charge sign-up fees or commission. They are an employee of the Producer whose job it is to find suitable candidates for the types of roles that a production needs to fill. Casting Directors book auditions and hire performers through their Talent Agents in most cases; if you do not have a Talent Agent, it is very difficult to know what roles are available & when. Audition sessions happen so quickly that ACTRA does not have an opportunity to post them - it is up to you to find out about them either by keeping in contact with the Casting Directors or through your Talent Agent if you have one.

Note: Performers should not be charged for courses conducted by Casting Directors on how to be a Background Performer or set etiquette as a condition of their employment.

The Casting Line Canada Inc. (COMMERCIAL CASTING) - Calgary Studio
Louise Mackiewicz
7 Scenic Glen Gate NW
Calgary, AB    T3L 1K5
Ph.: (403) 547-7398
Email: thecastingline@shaw.ca
Submissions: Headshots and Resumes should be mailed.  Electronic submissions BY REQUEST ONLY.

Alyson Lockwood
Box 345
#300, 8120 Beddington Blvd. NW
Calgary, AB   T3K 2A8
Ph: (403) 948-4563   Fax: (403) 948-6771

Deborah Green, CDC
#232, 16 Midlake Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta    T2X 2X7
Ph: (403) 931-3181   Fax: (403) 931-3979
Submissions: Photo and Resume submissions are accepted by mail only.

3014 Dallaire Avenue SW
Calgary, AB   T3E 7T4
Ph: (403) 606-5989   Fax: (403) 251-7530
Submissions: Photo and Resume submissions are accepted by mail only.
Email: marcyhershon@gmail.com

Jackie Lind Casting Inc. (PRINCIPAL CASTING)
Jackie Lind
Ph: (403) 242-6757
email: jdlind@telus.net

Ph: (780) 940-2278

Ph: (403) 242-0182    Fax: (403) 242-0182
email: ckotyk@canadafilm.com

Rhonda Fisekci Casting Inc. (PRINCIPAL & COMMERCIAL CASTING)
Rhonda Fisekci, CDC
P.O. Box 55143
7196 Temple Drive NE
Calgary, AB    T1Y 3N1
Ph: (403) 861-9270    Fax: (403) 285-8213
email: rfisekci@canadafilm.com

Carrie Byrnell
17512-59 Avenue
Edmonton, AB   T6M 1H2
Ph: (780) 298-0788
email: search4casting@gmail.com

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